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slime care

have a fun & satisfying slime experience!! 


  • it's best to play on a table or hard surface especially when just starting out with slime

  • clean your playing surface before and after playing

  • wash your hands before and after playing

  • keep activator handy (recipe below). spray some activator on your hands/fingers before playing

  • if your slime starts to feel too loose when playing, add activator a couple sprays at a time



  • touch your slime with one finger to make sure it's not sticky

  • if it's sticky, add activator a couple sprays at a time to create the consistency you want

  • depending on the type of slime and how long it's been sitting, you might need to use a couple teaspoons of activator to make it a playable texture

  • all handmade slime melts over time. some textures are less melty than others. the least sticky textures are butter & cloud types

  • a box of borax costs about $5 at the store and will go a very long way:)



  • 1 tsp borax + 1 cup warm water, mix well

  • add to slime a few drops at a time



  • when you receive your slime package in winter, allow it to come to room temperature for a few hours before playing

  • if the slime is cold or overactivated it might be stiff and difficult to play with

  • let it sit on a windowsill in the sun for a couple days - this is the most recommended method

  • add glycerin 1-2 drops at a time

  • add a bit of lotion (not recommended for clear slime, will make it foggy)



  • store slime in an air tight jar with a lid so it doesn't dry out

  • activate slime every few weeks

  • keep your jarred slime in a cool dry place

  • slime stiffens in cool weather & melts in warm weather

  • slime is NOT edible



  • slime can be removed off clothing & carpet with white vinegar


if you ever have any questions or concerns email Megan at :) happy sliming!!